The building’s owner, Streetlights Residential, requested that Blue Quality Services perform detailed reviews of enclosure and mechanical systems during the design phase, weekly observational visits during construction, and performance testing services on windows. Our third-party Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program ensured that the systems and assemblies were installed according to their specific requirements.

Throughout construction, our field services team conducted weekly site visits to observe the installation of critical building enclosure systems. Specifically, we reported on mockup wall construction, window and door installation, below grade waterproofing, drainage mat installation, air and vapor barriers, masonry, cladding, and stucco installation, roofing system installation, and reported on overall progress of construction. Field reports, detailing issues and concerns found on site, were provided to our client after each site visit. This helps to to address non-conformance issues as soon as possible to keep the project on schedule.  

Blue Quality Services technicians performed water and air infiltration testing in accordance with AAMA 502 testing standards on operable and fixed windows throughout construction.

The Jordan
Dallas, Texas

The Jordan is a new 23-story high-rise multifamily community with 216 luxury apartments, amenity space, and an attached multi level-parking garage. 

Services Performed: