The Owner, Streetlights Residential, requested Blue Quality Services to observe and verify that the building and all of its systems and assemblies were designed, installed, and tested to meet project requirements. Blue Quality Services' Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program helped to deliver a superior multifamily complex and ensured all involved parties correctly implemented the facility's specifications. 

Our services began during the design phase with a focused design review of enclosure, mechanical, and structural systems. Specifically, we reviewed building enclosure systems, materials and strategies, including verifying leakage resistance, air tightness, drying capacity, constructibility, durability and thermal insulation strategies. We also performed a limited review of the HVAC systems and structural components as they related to the enclosure systems.

Throughout construction, we visited the project site regularly to observe the installation of the building enclosure systems. Systems observed included below grade waterproofing, air and moisture barriers, window and door installation and transitions, roof systems, and the concrete parking garage construction sequencing and waterproofing strategies. Based on our experience with similarly designed projects, parking structures require more than typical coordination and observation to ensure adequate air and moisture barrier provisions.

Our field services team members also visited the site on multiple occasions to perform water spray testing on mockup window assemblies in accordance with ASTM E 1105.

Kenzie at the Domain
Austin, Texas

The Kenzie at the Domain is a 314,600 square foot, six-story multi-family residential development with an attached parking structure.

Services Performed: