Design & Submittal Reviews

To get the most value out of our design review services, it is ideal to begin the review process during the Schematic Design (SD), when the initial scope and conceptual design is prepared. Our concept-level review will evaluate the intended building enclosure concepts, the potential for mechanical systems’ impact on building enclosure performance, and the designers’ approach to meeting the project goals.

The next review occurs during Design Development (DD) when drawings and the conceptual design are 75% complete. The Design Development builds upon the approved Schematic Design and our team further evaluates the building enclosure design concepts and ensures they are in line with the project requirements.  

Lastly, our Professional Engineers review the 100% Construction Documents (CD) evaluating the final design for:

  • Water shedding
  • Air barrier continuity
  • Drying capacity 
  • Durability concerns
  • Adequacy of concept
  • Constructability
  • Operational performance
  • Materials selection

Our review includes system transitions, detailing and flashing of openings, materials selection, testing and quality requirements, drainage configurations, and penetration details. As a value added service, we include a limited mechanical systems review focusing on building dehumidification strategies, pressurization, and other associated issues that could impact the performance of the building’s enclosure. 


Blue Quality Services consultants typically perform submittal reviews of the contractor’s chosen materials before submission to the architect. Our responsibility is to ensure the materials are in line with project specifications and if the materials chosen will encounter compatibility issues once on site. At this stage of the project, it is easier, faster, and cheaper to modify the shop drawing than find materials have conflicts with other equipment or fail to meet specifications once installed. Typical submittals include window, door, tilt wall construction, cladding materials, masonry, and roof systems.