On-Site Construction Observations

Our observations review building enclosure-related construction for conformance with the construction documents, manufacturer’s requirements, subcontractor performance, and best practices. Although frequency of visits is driven by the construction schedule, sequencing, and project goals, they typically occur on a daily or weekly basis.

Observations typically include the review of the following building enclosure related systems, but can be expanded based on project requirements.

  • Below grade waterproofing
  • Vapor barriers for slab systems
  • Air and moisture membranes
  • Wall penetrations
  • Windows and door systems
  • Aluminum storefront systems
  • Glazed aluminum window walls
  • Flashing and sheet metals
  • Planter and amenity deck waterproofing
  • Traffic coatings
  • Cladding, metal panels and other exterior finish systems and related seals
  • Roof installation
  • Copings and roof penetrations

During each site visit, our Field Services Team walks the site with the designated contractor’s representative and reviews new issues, resolved issues, concerns, observations and other findings. Any new issues, resolved issues, concerns, observations and other findings are documented in a field report submitted to the on-site project staff immediately following our walk-through.