Building Enclosure Quality Assurance

Integrating quality assurance measures into the design and construction phase of new construction projects helps control risk, lowers unexpected costs by avoiding systemic failures, and reduces delays due to rework or changes during or after construction. We offer design and submittal reviews, construction observations, material conflict resolution, and mock-up evaluation services to ensure quality is built into each project.


Performing a robust review during the design phase on a project identifies issues early and enables quick remedial design decisions. Our Professional Engineers evaluate designs for adequacy of concept, constructability, operational performance, and durability concerns. In addition to a peer review for architectural systems, we often provide a review of mechanical and structural systems and their interaction with the building’s enclosure. 

Mockup performance testing


Mockups, or full size representations of proposed construction, are built in order to verify the technical, functional and architectural details of the facade, test products for performance, and ensure proper installation sequence of materials. Blue Quality Services provide concept verification and mockup evaluation through observations and testing. 


To verify installation, our field services team conducts site visits during critical phases of construction. Our observations review building enclosure-related construction, such as vapor barriers for slab systems, glazed aluminum window walls, and air and moisture membranes, for conformance with the construction documents, manufacturer’s requirements, and best practices. 


A thorough understanding of performance concepts and experience with diverse materials is required to provide actionable recommendations and overcome complex problems that often arise. Some of the conflicts we typically resolve include material interactions, flashing geometry, the continuity of air barrier, and problematic wall to roof connections.


When non-conformance issues arise during construction phase inspections, our team documents the problem in an issues tracking document. Our issues lists and photo logs document a variety of information including the issue identified, a recommended course of action, and the date of the resolution. When construction is complete, we prepare a comprehensive final report that includes a complete listing of issues and photo logs. This thorough documentation provides our clients with a detailed record of the quality assurance measures taken throughout the project.  

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