Our Comprehensive Program

While each of our service lines help ensure quality is built into construction, Blue Quality Services offers a comprehensive program designed to maximize the value we can add to your project. Our Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program focuses on observing and verifying that the enclosure systems are designed, installed, and proven to meet the project’s goals–saving time and money on the front-end of your project.

Utilizing both our experience with failures in existing structures and the challenges of new construction, we’ve developed a recommended scope of services that address many of the problem conditions that can occur.


Our process starts by working with your team to customize which system design reviews, frequency of construction observations, testing type, and sampling strategy help reach your project goals. This customization to your project’s schedule, sequencing, and unique needs allows us to provide a targeted approach to quality assurance.


In order to receive the most value from our services, we recommend beginning design review during the Schematic Design (SD) phase. In addition to a peer review for architectural systems, we often provide a review of mechanical and structural systems and their interaction with the building’s enclosure.


Project kick-off meetings provide an opportunity for the design, construction, ownership, and subcontractor teams to discuss quality expectations and project milestones, such as mock-up assemblies. Evaluating a fully functional mock-up of critical fenestration and transition details is ideal for pre-construction problem identification.


When construction begins, our field services team performs on-site observations of the building enclosure systems, including below grade waterproofing, vapor barriers for slab systems, air and moisture membranes, wall penetrations, and windows and door systems. While the frequency of visits varies depending on construction progress and project goals, our team typically performs weekly or daily site visits.

Window Testing Observations


Effective quality assurance programs include testing a product for performance. As an AAMA accredited testing laboratory we are certified to perform a variety of water and air penetration testing on windows, storefronts, punched openings, curtain walls, and mock-up assemblies. Testing identifies systemic problems early and adds concrete, measurable data about product and subcontractor performance.


Each site visit documents new and resolved issues, concerns, and progress of construction in a field report. At the conclusion of the project, Blue Quality Services delivers a comprehensive report of the quality assurance initiatives taken over the course of the project, including design reviews, field & testing reports, photo logs, and a complete issues list. Consistent documentation over the course of the project not only helps correct construction issues, but provides a record to the owner that project goals are met.