U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Testing Protocol

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specify that most buildings, such as barracks, dining facilities, and company operations facilities, have an air leakage rate of no more than 0.25 cfm/sq. ft. of air barrier area at a 75 Pascal pressure difference.  

Air barrier testing

Blue Quality Services offers many value added services to assist our clients in passing their air leakage test including performing reviews during the design phase to verify air barrier system design, performing observations during construction to ensure correct installation of the air barrier system, and pre-testing to predict success or show early weaknesses in the air barrier system. These services ensure corrections can be made before air barrier connections are covered in during construction and that our clients pass their test the first time, avoiding re-testing fees and delays in the project turnover.


Air leakage testing for military facilities is performed in accordance with the ASTM E779-03 standard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accepted modifications for application to larger scale buildings. The testing protocol is a standardized technique for measuring air leakage rates through a building envelope under controlled pressurization and de-pressurization.