Infrared Thermography

Blue Quality Services typically performs infrared thermography as a non-destructive diagnostic tool to identify possible enclosure weaknesses that the naked eye cannot see. Our Certified Infrared Thermographers (CITs) quickly identify sources of moisture intrusion, while providing visual documentation of the severity of a problem.  

Thermal imaging

Often performed in conjunction with whole building air leakage testing, infrared thermography scanning also serves as a quality control measure for walls and roofs to document air and water infiltration and building envelope performance. Our CITs use the most current infrared equipment to provide visual documentation of compliance or problem conditions.  

Infrared thermography is also useful for identifying the source of energy loss in existing buildings. Our field services team can detect missing insulation, thermal breaks in assemblies, failing mechanical connections, inefficient motor operation, and transformer energy loss. This helps to identify sources of energy loss, can save money, and address occupant comfort issues.