The building’s developer requested Blue Quality Services to perform daily construction observations to verify that the building and all of its systems and assemblies were installed, and tested to meet their requirements. These services, combined with performance testing on installed assemblies and mockups, helped to deliver a superior multifamily complex and ensured all involved parties correctly implemented project specifications.

Throughout construction, our field services team was present on site daily to observe the installation of critical building enclosure systems. Specifically, we reported on mockup wall construction, window installation, below grade waterproofing, air and vapor barrier installation, masonry installation, correct storage of materials onsite, and the overall progress of construction. Field reports, detailing issues on site, were given to our client after each site visit and at the end of each week, an official summary report, complete with a comprehensive issues list, was sent to members of the project team. Our detailed daily reports helped to resolve issues and concerns in real-time, helping avoid systemic problems that can quickly get covered up with tight construction schedules.

Our field team also performed water and air infiltration testing throughout the construction phase. We performed ASTM E 783 and ASTM E 1105 on a sampling of windows and balcony doors in accordance with manufacturers specifications and testing standards. We also performed tests in accordance with AAMA 501.2 testing on installed curtain walls throughout the complex.

The Sovereign at Regent Square, Houston, Texas

The Sovereign at Regent Square is a 290 unit, 21-story luxury apartment tower in downtown Houston, Texas. 

Services Performed: