The contractor, Andres Construction, requested Blue Quality Services to provide water spray testing on single hung fixed windows and sliding doors in accordance with AAMA 502 testing standards. All test findings were described in reports sent to specified members of the project team immediately after testing was complete. Our same day reports help to provide quick feedback regarding the installation quality, alert the project team early of any leakage, and prevents systemic problems.

In addition to testing, we also provided our Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program with services beginning in the design phase and extending throughout construction. Our design and submittal reviews focused on the overall design and product selection to identify apparent issues in the building enclosure systems.

During the construction phase, our field services team visited the site twice weekly to verify that the installation of the building enclosure systems met project specifications. Our team followed up each visit with a field report, outlining both conformance and non-conformance issues. This report is sent to all involved stakeholders to keep everyone abreast of construction progress and flag any issues needing attention. Our team maintained a complete issues list throughout the project, detailing the observed issues, the date observed, a photo of the issue, a description of the resolution, and the issue’s resolution date. 

Knox Heights Testing
Dallas, Texas

Knox Heights is a 6-story, approximately 200,700 square foot luxury multifamily community. The development has182 apartments, amenity space, retail space, and a below grade parking garage.

Services Performed: