The owner, Gables Residential, requested Blue Quality Services provide our comprehensive Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program during the design and construction of the luxury complex. Our services helped to verify the building and all of its systems and assemblies are designed, installed, and tested to meet the owner’s requirements.

Gables Residential requested our services begin during the design phase with a detailed review of the enclosure assemblies and mechanical systems. Once the building wall, window, and roofing performance needs were identified, we reviewed the drawings, details, and specifications for potential issues, conformance with project requirements, and constructability concerns. One area of concern was the waterproofing detailing for the rooftop pool. We recommended the designers add details specifying the intended waterproofing strategy in order to prevent confusion and potential contractor design attempts during the construction process.

During the construction phase, our field services team visited the site twice weekly to verify the installation of the building enclosure systems. Systems observed included below grade waterproofing, vapor barrier installation, window and door installation, masonry, stacked stone, and cladding installation as well as single-ply TPO roofing, parapet cap installation, and line set detailing at HVAC units. Our field services team also paid special attention to and inspected waterproofing installation at the rooftop pool deck. Our team followed up each visit with a field report, outlining both conformance and non-conformance issues. This report is sent to all involved stakeholders to keep everyone abreast of construction progress and flag any issues to be resolved.

Our field services team also performed pressurized chamber testing on operable windows, patio doors, and sliding doors in accordance with ASTM E 783 and ASTM E 1105. 

Gables Cherry Creek Denver, Colorado

Gables Cherry Creek is a luxury, 8-story multifamily complex comprised of 289 apartment homes.   

Services Performed: