The glazing contractor, Alliance Glazing Technologies, requested Blue Quality Services provide water and air infiltration testing on storefronts and curtain walls according to the project specifications. Testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM E783 and ASTM E1105. When performed together, these tests simulate rain and wind driven weather events and verify that the curtain walls were installed and perform according to manufacturers specifications.  

Test findings were described in reports sent to members of the project team immediately after the testing was complete. Our same day reports help provide quick feedback regarding the installation quality, alert the project team early of any leakage, and prevents systemic problems.

Russell Pavilion
Denver, Colorado

The Russell Pavilion is a 3-story specialty treatment care wing located in Denver, Colorado. The Pavilion features an oncology wing with conference rooms, offices, patient care centers, and an emergency wing that connects to the new Saint Joseph’s Hospital.  

Services Performed: