The General Contractor, Durotech, requested Blue Quality Services perform Relative Humidity (RH) testing and AAMA 501.2 testing on window assemblies throughout the new middle school. Klein Intermediate School No. 10 is a 204,000 square foot educational facility and will house 1350 students. The school is set to open for the Fall 2018 school year.

Durotech requested we perform RH testing according to ASTM F2170, the standard test method for determining relative humidity in concrete floors slabs using probes. Only when the concrete reaches a certain level is it safe to install flooring system to avoid failures down the road. If a floor is installed too early, excess humidity is trapped in the concrete and can cause delamination of the floor adhesive, blistering of the epoxy coating, or curling, cracking, or bubbling of flooring materials–all leading to recurring and costly failures. Our field technicians performed testing on over 60 areas throughout the school to ensure flooring was ready to be installed.

Upon turnover, our technicians performed AAMA 501.2 testing on window assemblies throughout the campus. Durotech requested our firm perform this test specifically because all AAMA specified field testing is required to be performed by an AAMA Accredited Laboratory.

On testing day, two Blue Quality Services technicians administered AAMA 501.2, spraying a 5ft. section of window assembly for 5 minutes and repeating until all windows in the sample size were complete. Immediately after each test, our technicians provide our clients with a written field report indicating a pass or fail result, allowing construction to progress without any delays.

Klein Intermediate School No. 10  

The new Klein Intermediate School located in Houston is a 204,000 square foot educational facility.

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