Diagnostic Testing

When issues arise in existing buildings, it is often difficult to determine the origins and the extent of a water leakage issue. We perform a wide range of non-destructive diagnostic testing procedures to locate the root and severity of the problem. 

Diagnostic window testing

AAMA 511 - Voluntary Guideline for Forensic Water Penetration Testing of Fenestration Products. 

This test is used to perform a forensic investigation of observed leaks and recreates water leaks known to occur during specific weather events. 

ASTM C 1715Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Water Leakage Performance of Masonry Wall. 

This standard diagnostic test determines the ability of a masonry wall drainage system to collect water that penetrating exterior brick and effectively direct the water back out to the exterior. This test procedure requires drilling small holes in the exterior brick, inserting multiple plastic tubes inside the holes, and allowing water to flow through the tubes at a consistent rate. 


Blue Quality Services typically performs infrared thermography as a non-destructive diagnostic tool to identify possible enclosure weaknesses that the naked eye cannot see.

For existing buildings, our field services team can detect missing insulation, thermal breaks in assemblies, failing mechanical connections, inefficient motor operation, and transformer energy loss. Identifying sources of energy loss can save money and address occupant comfort issues.


Blue Quality Services’ technical team follows specific processes for diagnostic testing services, however, we tailor our approach based on the severity of the problem identified and our client’s specific goals. There are certain conditions necessary before we can perform diagnostic testing and ensuring these requirements will help keep costs low and maximize the value of testing.

Access to the project site and safety training, if required

  • Access to water and power if testing
  • Lifts for above ground level problem areas
  • 7-day notice for diagnostic testing
  • Dry weather conditions during testing